Innovative floating wind power

Flowocean has developed an innovative floating offshore wind power solution that we call FLOW.
We believe that FLOW can be used to produce clean energy to a growing population around the world without taking up any valuable land.

Global challenges

The world faces a number of challenges today

– Growing population leads to increased demand for electrical power and fresh water
– Increasing congestion leads to shortness of electricity, fresh water and accessible land
– Accelerating climate change leads to growing need for carbon and water free power generation

These challenges requires new innovative solutions.  

Energy for the future

Flowocean wants to help decelerate climate change and contribute to improved living standards for people around the world by introducing innovative floating wind power plants.

Floating offshore wind power is renewable, carbon free, has no need for cooling water and requires no land space.

Reliable and sustainable power generation

Flowocean has developed a patented design for floating offshore wind power plants that can make floating offshore wind power cost-effective. The innovative structure allows for a significant weight reduction compared to state of the art floating offshore wind power. The design incorporates a plug and play feature, which reduces the construction costs and increases the mobility of the unit, a great advantage in case there are changes in demand or the local grid would require it.

Plug & Play

Innovative plug & play feature. The FLOW units are fully manufactured and tested in a shipyard, leaving the time of installation at sea to a minimum. No special vessels are required and installation can be done in high seas. In case of major overhaul, the FLOW units can easily be towed back to shipyard for repair.

Soft & Flexible

Flowocean is humble towards and embraces the harsh weather conditions at sea. Our sub-structure interacts with the forces from waves and winds in a soft and flexible way, resulting in high reliability and long operating life time.

Low Weight

We believe that weight is a major cost driver throughout the entire cost structure, both for Capex and Opex. Flowocean has significantly managed to lower the weight compared to most state of art floating solutions.


The FLOW units are highly standardised with all sub-systems well proven allowing for further increased cost efficiency when built in large numbers and installed in large wind farms. Inter-array wind farm cabling and mooring systems are shared between the units, thus lowering the total Capex per installed MW.

Proven technology, innovative design

Flow technology is a optimal combination of Tension Leg Platform(TLP) and Semi-Submersible. This gives the Flow unit the benefits of both principles and allows the unit to be robust, light and cost-effective. By using two smaller turbines on the same platform the FLOW solution have the advantages over one larger with same total rated power

Lower cost per installed MW

Shorter wakes

Lower technology risk using two smaller and proven turbines rather than one larger unproven turbine