Demonstration project in Sweden

Demonstration project in Sweden

Flowocean has acquired a site in Sotenäs on the west-coast Sweden including a 10 MW offshore cable and consents.

We are now working intensively together with our partners to prepare the site for demonstration and validation of Flowoceans innovative floating offshore wind solution FLOW.

“This is groundbreaking development for us as we now move from concept to demonstration and start preparing for full commercial launch. Owning this site gives us great opportunities for testing out not only new innovative solutions to floating offshore wind power but also other focus Areas for us such as hydrogen production and desalination offshore. We and our project partners are very excited about this and look forward to bringing more news in the coming months”

Cristoffer Kos, Chief Commercial Officer

If you are interested in learning more about the project or discussing opportunities for partnership, please contact Cristoffer Kos.

Cristoffer Kos
Chief Commercial Officer