About Flowocean

Flowocean AB

Flowocean AB is a Swedish company with its own proprietary and innovative technology in floating offshore wind power. Flowocean is active in project development, project financing as well as project delivery to enhance its technical solutions for floating offshore wind power.

Flowocean wants to help decelerate climate change and contribute to improved living standards for people around the world by introducing innovative floating wind power plants. 


To install power plants outside of every coastal metropolitan area in the world, producing secure, carbon free and cost-efficient electrical power from plants that are out of sight, cannot be heard and do not consume any water.


Flowocean’s team and board is comprised of members with many years of international experience from running
successful businesses and delivering large energy projects for companies such as ABB, Wärtsilä and Siemens.


The technology has been tested and verified by global experts. A 1:50 scale pilot model was tested in various extreme weather conditions with successful results.


Flowocean has 37 patents and applications for the FLOW solution, wind farm configuration and cabling that together allows for a signifiant cost reduction.

Board of Directors

Urban Joelsson

Chairman and CEO

Entrepreneur in international renewable energy. A broad international professional experience from companies such as ABB, Alstom and Wärtsilä as well as developing own businesses, e.g a joint venture in China. Experienced business coach, assisting other entrepreneurs with starting companies and bringing their ideas to market

Bertil Moritz

Member of Board

Industrial inventor with more than 50 patents in his name with hundreds of millions of EUR in sales. Currently CEO of HM Power AB and part owner in 8 companies. Senior management positions at ABB and ASEA, as Executive VP of the ABB Business Area, High Voltage Apparatus and Switchgear and General Manager of ABB Low Voltage Systems.

Stefan Storholm

Member of Board

Has a long experience from international power generation business, recently as the Group CEO of the regional utility company Katternö Group. Prior to this, General Manager for Engineering, Purchase, Supply, Construction and Commissioning at Wärtsilä, Power Plants Business Area. Holds several board assignments primarily in energy related companies in Finland.